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Corporate Compliance

McCAHON LAW uses a risk-based approach in establishing and developing corporate compliance programs for U.S. government contractors operating in contingency areas. Much of the risk confronting the company resides within the nature of the contracts and the culture where they are performed. (For additional information regarding the challenges faced by U.S. multi-national organizations operating in contingency areas, See, SCCE Article.) In most of the contingency areas, Middle East & AFRICOM, practices such as bribery of government officials, kickbacks, and human trafficking are standard business practices. These risks must be identified, and mitigation measures taken when developing a robust compliance program.

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Mitigating Your Risk

When this high-risk culture is combined with the fact that many of the employees working on the contract are either subcontractors or project hires who have neither loyalty to the company nor fear of legal consequences beyond termination, it creates the perfect storm.  The traditional “plug and play” programs developed and used by U.S. law firms and consultants typically fall short of the U.S. government’s expectations and your corporate standards.  Our staff of attorneys, Certified Fraud Examiners and Investigators draw upon our significant experience in this narrow area to mitigate your corporate risk.

How It's Done

At McCAHON Law, we use a project management approach to the work we perform.  Consequently, the compliance program tasks are billed on flat fee basis. This approach is another factor which sets us apart from the competition.  We don’t field a team of people working on a billable-hour basis to accomplish your objectives.  We are effective and economical.  Your interests come first.  Using our robust compliance efforts at McCAHON Law we mitigate your risk, so you can focus on your business.