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Conflict and Post Conflict Zones

Sam W. McCahon has extensive experience and success in establishing representing multi-national companies and NGOs performing in conflict and post-conflict areas, known within the Department of Defense as Contingency Areas. Having lived and practiced in contingency areas for more than seventeen years has afforded Sam an advantage unparalleled among other firms and attorneys. He knows both the law and the business environment. Without a firm knowledge of both, efforts to assist clients in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations are likely to be ineffective and thereby expose the client to criminal, civil and administrative penalties.

Practice Areas & Experience

Corporate Compliance

OFAC Compliance


Human Trafficking Mitigation Measures

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

False Claims Act

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Anti-Kickback Act of 1986

ITAR Compliance

Internal & Vendor Investigations

Representation During Government Inquiries

Mergers & Acquisitions

Joint Venture Formation and Counsel