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Based in Washington, DC, the attorney at law, staff, and consultants at McCahon Law are accomplished public speakers who give presentations on a variety of issues. The nature of our firm is focused, and so are the topics of our public speaking events and the articles we write. The subject matter includes:

• Measures to Combat Trafficking in Persons
• Anti-Money Laundering
U.S. Government Contracts
• Corporate Compliance Programs & Investigations
• Enhanced Due Diligence
• Risk Assessment

Past Speaking Events

"Establishing & Maintaining an Effective Abolition Advocacy Program"
Stop Modern Day Slavery (SMS)
Washington, DC
August 2012
"Why Labor Trafficking to the Middle East Flourishes & How to Stop it"
An Open Research Forum
Mumbai, India
March 2012
"International Business Challenges: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Trafficking in Persons"
ASIS Annual Transnational Crime Conference
Alexandria, Virginia
April 2011
"Identification, Investigation, & Assessment of Human Trafficking on Government Contracts"
Department of Defense, California Transportation Improvement Program System
Annual Conference to Combat Trafficking in Persons
Military District of Washington
September 2011
"Establishing a Corporate Compliance Program in Contingency Areas"
Afghan-American Chamber of Commerce
Afghanistan Reconstruction Summit
Istanbul, Turkey
January 2010
"Creating a Subculture of Compliance in Non-Rule of Law Countries"
Association of Corporate Compliance & Ethics
Chicago, Illinois
September 2008
"What Contractors Can Do to Stop Human Trafficking on Government Contracts"
International Stability Operations Association
Washington, DC
August 2007
House Government Affairs Hearing on Trafficking on Government Contracts
November 2011
"Are Workers on Government Contracts Being Exploited"
House Government Oversight Committee
Testimony Before House of Representatives
Washington, DC
November 2011
"Creating a Corruption-Free Business Environment in India"
American Bar Association
Mumbai, India